Mike Snook's
Law Enforcement


Slawomir Wojtas - http://www.freewebs.com/polakspatches
Most honest trader with the cleanest patches imaginable. GREAT guy to deal with!

Ryan's Idaho Patch Collection - http://www.angelfire.com/id/ryanbertalotto/
Great knowledge on Idaho, great guy to know.

John Hildebrand, CO & NM collector - http://johnonline.tripod.com/

Mike Bomhoff - K9 Collector/K9 Officer - mbomhoff@comcast.net

Dave Robson - Great guy to deal with - http://www.freewebs.com/daverpol/

Rich's Colorado Patches - Lots of Denver - Need a new website.....

Paul Nielson's Utah Patch Collection - http://enforcer31.com/utahall.html

Justin's Police Patches - MN Collector - http://www.justinspolicecollection.com/

Colin Mills California Collection - Never traded, but nice reference site - http://www.theartofpolicing.com/collection/index.html

The Virginia Police Patch Collection - http://www.theartofpolicing.com/collection/index.html

And a few names to remember as a good reference:
Mike Bomhoff
J.R. Allshouse
Joey Bader
Doug Beckham
Jacque Ferris
Shane Ormsbee
Eric Page
Nick Wright
Ryan Bauer
and many many more!

If you want your info up here and we have traded before, let me know what you want made public!

Everyone has their "bad trader list.."

I would not suggest dealing with the following:

  • Augie Loftstrom - Package supposedly got lost to Canada, wanted unfair response.
  • Andy Telford - Followed through with trade, but missing one patch of 5 or so. Never fixed.